Premium Solution

Premium Solution

Cardio, strength and functional products are integrated into the mywellness
platform for an interactive workout that is both customised and highly engaging.




The Room

Tailor-made solutions for hotels and cruise liners who want to offer a personalised Wellness experience to their  guests or passengers in the intimacy of their room or cabin. Answers ranging from single machines to multimedia tools which will fulfil a variety of requirements and respond to your guests’ numerous aspirations.

Wellness Room

The ideal solution for hotels with spacious accommodation options wishing to serve customers looking for a private Wellness experience. One prestigious piece of Technogym equipment will transform a suite or large room into a private gym. Where space is not an issue, Wellness Suite is the most attractive way of treating your guests to an unforgettable stay at your facility, by making them feel at home away from home.



Wellness Tools

A convenient, portable solution which can be provided to guests directly in their rooms, Wellness Tools is a complete kit of specialised accessories created for people who wish to fit in a Wellness moment into their daily schedule. Crafted items which will blend discreetly into the environment and add a touch of exclusive style to your facility.



Wellness On Demand

A selection of multimedia tools ready to entertain your guests with active Wellness suggestions during their stay. Zero space requirements, yet an all-round solution for guests who wish to stay active at all times of the day, Wellness Videos are an immediate answer for hotels with space-efficient accommodation looking to offer premium quality support to their health-conscious customers.

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The Gym

A host of solutions for hotels and cruise liners who wish to deliver the best possible Wellness experience to their guests or passengers. According to the space allocated, Technogym provides tailored projects which answer your needs and help attract discerning customers.

Wellness Club

A complete gym environment where your guests and selected members can enjoy a premium training experience. Wellness Club is the solution for hotels who wish to target guests and public members with a stylish offering based on Technogym’s new ARTIS range of cardio, strength and functional equipment. Cutting-edge, space-efficient design and energy saving technologies make the ARTIS range ideal for facilities looking to differentiate their offering and embrace the ethics of sustainability.


Wellness Centre

A flexible, modular gym environment that satisfies both occasional gym-goers and those who wish to keep in line with their fitness goals wherever they are. Wellness Centre is for hotels who want to offer a personalised training environment for all their guests. Fitted with professional equipment and enhanced by interactive technologies to provide a highly personalised experience, this solution will boost customer retention and readily attract new guests.

the gym wellness centre

Wellness Boutique

An exclusive training area specially designed to blend perfectly with the look and feel of your hotel environment, for guests in search of harmony and wellness. Wellness Boutique is a solution tailored to boutique hotels who aim at providing a unique, all-round experience for design-conscious customers. The concept is based on a selection of crafted pieces of equipment built to fill a smaller, luxury environment, created to emanate beauty and balance.


Wellness Studio

A versatile solution for environments which can be used for small class activities or personal training sessions for guests. Wellness Studio brings the benefits of functional training to your facility, helping guests improve their ability in daily activities and sports. Equipped with ARKE™ tools or Kinesis® for functional routines or Plurima which is a space-efficient option for supervised or unsupervised strength training.



Wellness on Demand

Flexible answers to your guests’ spontaneous desire to experience Wellness in the hotel or cruise liner environment. Technogym offers a range of tools or portable equipment which can be supplied to guests directly in their rooms.

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 Wellness Reception & Lounge

An elegant idea for common areas where guests will benefit from Technogym solutions allowing them to relax and regenerate in a special environment while waiting for a friend or a colleague. Perfect as an original way to furnish a lounge or a corner near the reception area, the much talked-about Wellness Ball™ – Active Sitting is also an attractive design element.

Wellness_ideas_Wellness Reception&Lounge_5587

Wellness Spa

A joint solution ensuring a comprehensive Wellness experience for guests who will happily spend time pursuing relaxation and healthy exercise routines during their stay. Wellness Spa combines the benefits of the modern spa with the excellence of Technogym equipment such as Kinesis®ARKE™ or FLEXability.


Business Meeting Room

A distinctive way for business hotels to introduce the Wellness concept into everyday engagements, thus increasing their own appeal and attracting partners who share the same wellness-oriented principles. Business Meeting Room is an easy-to-implement solution ensuring an immediate response to an increasing market demand.






In a world where more and more young people lead sedentary lifestyles, the threat to their physical and social health is immediate and real.


Physical exercise offers profound and far-reaching benefits to students of all ages. Technogym offers a broad and durable range of equipment and services tailored for you. The benefits to students and learning facility are significant:

  • Better learning environment
  • More enthusiasm
  • More motivation
  • Awareness of body inputs & outputs
  • Extended times for exercise
  • All-weather training options

There are also many benefits for The Learning Facility:

  • Increased participation in sport
  • Reduced absenteeism from classes
  • Increased concentration level
  • Great opportunities for cross-curricular learning
  • Improved facility attracting new students
  • Great positioning as hub of the local community

Technogym has equipped over 65,000 Wellness Centres and over 100,000 private homes in 100 different countries in the world. Every day 35,000,000 people train using Technogym’s equipment.



Corporate gyms solutions for Irish companies

Made to measure corporate gyms

Improve staff wellbeing and increase productivity with our wellness equipment and tailor-made solutions for your workplace, regardless of the amount of space available.

Bring wellness into your company

The aim of the Corporate Wellness Programme is to encourage your staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle both at work, home and everywhere else. We can help you create a complete, effective Wellness area whether your company has a lot of space or just 20m2.

Clever solutions for 20m2 spaces

20 mq_Top MOD

Plurima is the versatile, compact, cable-based multiple strength training station which perfectly complements the cardio range and can be used without trainer supervision thanks to its user-friendliness and integration of technology.
And staff can access their personal mywellness account on the UNITY SELF kiosk, plus training programmes and results together with information about fitness products and services.

Clever solutions for 50m2 spaces

50 mq_Top MOD

Our team of designers can help set up specific areas dedicated to different types of exercise suited to your company’s needs by combining the best cardio, strength and functional equipment together. Staff will be able to improve their cardiovascular strength, burn calories and develop more flexibility, as well as improve their mental well-being.

Clever solutions for 100m2 spaces

100 mq_Top MOD

Cardio and strength zones dedicated to functional training and spaces for group activities: if space is not a problem, we can also create a larger and more specialised training centre for you.
With our easy-to-use, comfortable, high-end equipment – your employees can strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular activity and stimulate everyday functionality. And group activities such as Group Cycle are helpful for developing social skills and team spirit amongst staff.

Choose the best technology

Innovative technology such as UNITY™ and Isocontrol are built into the cardio and strength equipment, plus the mywellness® key and app make the experience even more beneficial and engaging. Staff can then access their data from any device using mywellness® cloud.

Companies that adopt Corporate Wellness

Many international companies have already adopted the Corporate Wellness Programme and have experienced improved company atmosphere, increased socialisation, improved productivity and reduced healthcare costs.





Mywellness is the Connected Wellness Experience that helps you achieve your sporting, fitness and health goals in a fast, easy and fun way.