Design & Build

T&T Fitness Systems Ltd. deliver much more than just fulfilling your equipment needs.

We offer an all-round service to fitness installations to maximize the facility’s Return on Investment in terms of space planning, managing the facility’s traffic flow, optimising the location of utilities and any add-on facilities, equipment choices, interior design, mech/electrical installations, service/maintenance agreements and marketing planning.

On a D/B project, we give our clients a single point of responsibility for the entire project – reducing risk and overall costs on the project.

We use our specialist knowledge develop spatial, interior and environmental planning, and equipment solutions so that your membership’s needs are completely catered to in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.

Our Design/Build service includes planning, fire, statutory bodies requirements, construction drawings, specifications, health and safety, consultant and client liaison, contractual management, equipment specification, service agreements and supervision.

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  • Market Research and Business Plans
  • Marketing/Brand Development
  • Environmental Design
  • Equipment Specification
  • Contractor Management
  • Service/Maintenance Agreements
  • Staff Training
  • Membership Profiling
  • Marketing/Marketing Management