Spin Bike Body Bike Connect

With the new Body Bike Connect Indoor Cycle spinning bike you get a highly accurate measurement of your indoor cycling performance thanks to the new Performance Console.

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Spinning bike Body Bike Connect

Spinning bike with a force on improving your cycling performance then the Body Bike Connect will help you measure key indicators to achieve your targets,

  • Burn calories
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Progress at a fun and measurable pace
  • Low impact workout
  • Tones legs and abdominal muscles
  • Build your mental strength 


The BODY-BIKE Connect spinning bike is the newest model in the Body Bike range. Fitted with a Watts based computer that also has Heart Rate capability and ANT+ cycling connectivity. Body Bike Connect is manufactured from exactly the same Scandinavian stainless & hardened steel as the Supreme. With a powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and the choice of 10 colours.


Key Features:

  • FRAME: Robot welded frame, powder coated stainless and hardened steel frame. Stainless steel hardware.
  • CRANK SYSTEM: Completely maintenance free. A large 20kg/44lbs flywheel makes the cycle run smoothly and quietly. The drive from the crank to the flywheel is by a wide Poly V belt.
  • SIDE and TOP COVERS: Made form ABS plastic. They offer excellent protection against dust, perspiration and ensure nothing gets caught
    inside the cycle.
  • SEAT and HANDLEBARS: Offer multiple positions. The adjustment handles are large for easy use and the bars are rubber coated.
  • TRANSPORT WHEELS: Mounted on heavy duty bearings making them easy to move.
  • BOTTLE HOLDER: The Connect comes with the Wave bottle holder standard.

Computer features:

  • Watts – Avg, %, Max Watts Test
  • Heart rate (HR) Avg, %, Max,
  • Cadence (RPM) Max, Avg
  • Distance
  • Vo2 estimation test
  • ANT+ connectivity


  • Cast iron, Scandinavian steel, Plastic (ABS) covers
  • High-Quality bearings

Friction/Braking system:

  • Kevlar friction pad


  • Black, Orange, Grey, Petrol, Red, Green, Sky, White, Yellow, Purple


  • Length: 105cm/41inches
  • Width: 60cm/23.5inches
  • Height: 100cm/39inches
  • Weight: 65kg/143lbs


Spinning bikes have surged in popularity over the last 5 years. A growth of spin-classes at local gyms embedded this style of exercise as a great way to build up stamina and lose weight.
A spinning-bike session involves getting the heavy spinning flywheel up to a chosen speed and keeping it there. There’s no heart-rate control. There are no programs. It’s you and the bike, just like when you go for a long ride on a road bike. It’s all about maintaining momentum.
The reason spinning bikes are so good for stamina and weight loss is that they’re a great way to get your heart-rate up to a good level and keep it there.
With the Body bike connect you get a number of import measurements as you spin yourself into next week. With the built in heart rate you can train in a safe zone. If you are looking for a more demanding workout than knowing your cadence and watt output readings, cadence, heart rate, calorie expenditure and other data giving you immediate and valuable feedback on the intensity of your training effort. It also enables you to take a watt test and reveal your VO2 max. All data is transferred wireless through ANT+ allowing you to pick it up on other ANT+ devices like an ANT+ compatible smart phone.

What is a Watt? Watt is an expression of how hard your body is working and therefore this measurement is essential in many of BODY BIKE Connect’s spinning bike features. The console will of course display your actual watt. It will also display your %max watt which will result in an efficient workout because it allows you to exercise according to your relative VO2 max. To determine your VO2 max and watt level, Connect has an integrated watt level test. The watt measurement is also used to estimate the distance covered. This is similar to riding an outdoor bike where you travel further in a higher gear ratio which resembles a higher load on the indoor bike. Due to the reliability of the watt, BODY BIKE Connect bases your calorie consumption on watt instead of heart rate, thereby providing you with a more accurate result.


For further information please visit http://body-bike.com/